Job Actions

  • Inner Quiet
  • Great Strides
  • Collectable Synthesis
  • Manipulation
  • Name of the Elements
  • Waste Not
  • Waste Not II
  • Innovation
  • Final Appraisal
  • Veneration
  • Basic Synthesis
  • Basic Touch
  • Master's Mend
  • Standard Touch
  • Observe
  • Precise Touch
  • Careful Synthesis
  • Patient Touch
  • Prudent Touch
  • Focused Synthesis
  • Focused Touch
  • Trained Eye
  • Preparatory Touch
  • Intensive Synthesis
  • Delicate Synthesis
  • Brand of the Elements
  • Byregot's Blessing
  • Hasty Touch
  • Rapid Synthesis
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Muscle Memory
  • Reflect
  • Careful Observation
  • Groundwork

General Actions

  • Auto-Attack
  • Limit Break
  • Sprint
  • Return
  • Teleport

XIV Bars

A Final Fantasy XIV W Cross HotBar (WXHB) Preview Tool.

Simulate what your WXHB actions could look like when playing Final Fantasy XIV with a gamepad or controller. Use the Job selector to load actions for that class and Drag them into the hotbar slots below like you would in the game.

Cross Hotbar UI Settings to Auto-switch for Combat

How to set your Cross Hotbars in Controller Mode to auto-switch to a combat hotbar when entering battle stance.

If you play in Controller Mode, you can set your Cross Hotbars to automatically switch to a different Hotbar whenever you go into battle stance. This frees you up from having to manually switch to the correct hotbar every time you're coming in and out of combat.